Mandate of Internal Audit

 The Internal Audit function in the Ministry of Technology and Science derives its mandate from the Public Finance Management Act No.1 of 2018. The purpose of the Unit is to provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting service to add value and improve operations of the Ministry.

The internal audit work plan follows a risk based approach which places emphasis on key risk areas in the Ministry.

For oversight role, the ministry has an audit committee appointed by Secretary to the Treasury and all reports are submitted for review. The committee meets quarterly to transact its business.


Functions of Internal Audit are derived from the Public Finance Management Act of 2018 no. 17 (1):

  1. Evaluate risk management and internal control systems and review compliance with the existing financial and other regulations and procedures in order to safe guard public resources;
  2. Provide reasonable assurance to controlling officers and the Secretary to the Treasury that internal controls exist and are being complied with as required by this Act
  3. Promote effective controls at reasonable cost; and Public Finance Management [No. 1 of 2018 23 Appointment and powers of internal auditors Functions of internal auditors ascertain, evaluate and recommend improvements on governance processes put in place by management
  4. Review and appraise the appropriateness, adequacy and application of authorisation of financial and non-financial controls
  5. Ascertain the extent of compliance with established policies, plans, procedures in this Act and any other law
  6. Conduct audit assignments in public bodies under the Ministry of Technology and Science.