The Unit shall is responsible for overseeing the development and application of appropriate Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) tools and ICT capacity building programmes that reinforce efficient and effective utilization of ICT in the Ministry. It shall also provide technical support of software and ICT infrastructure and conducting ICT awareness raising programmes in the Ministry.



The Unit shall perform the following specific functions:

  1. Coordinate and align systems and hardware specifications with user requirements in order to conform to policies and standards;
  2. Conduct ICT awareness raising programmes;
  3. Conduct user requirements in order to facilitate development of appropriate solutions.
  4. Install, configure, troubleshoot and maintaining hardware in order to facilitate provision of ICT services;
  5. Conduct capacity building programmes for end users on various software applications;
  6. Document hardware profiles, workflows, procedures and processes in order to ensure business continuity; and
  7. Coordinate the management of content on ministerial websites and portals.